Kells: Episode One

Our new audio book has begun! Kells: The Gospel of Columba, is a historical novel about monks creating the famed manuscript known as The Book of Kells, around 800 AD. The first episode, Chapters One and Two, is read by Jeff Broitman. Follow the life of Connachtach, a young man in Ireland, as he pursues … Continue reading Kells: Episode One

Launching New Audio book

Starting in January of 2022, we are launching Kells: the Gospel of Columba. Part One will be read by Jeff Broitman, followed by narrators Linsey Summers and Baird Brutscher. Here’s our Behind the Scenes introduction:

Episode Five The Gift of Prophecy

The conclusion of our miniseries! Starring Baird Brutscher and Erin Caswell. Starting in the fall, you can hear an audio version of the novel, “Kells: The Gospel of Columba,” featuring three ensemble members: Jeff Broitman, Baird Brutscher, and Linsey Summers.