Kells Bonus Interview: the Wrap

To wrap up our audio book, Kells: the Gospel of Columba, Samuel Crider interviews the author Amy Crider. They discuss the upcoming publication of the novel, coming out in autumn 2023 under the title Kells: a Novel of the Eighth Century.

They also discuss some of the challenges of recording this year-long project. Thanks to all our listeners and fans.

Kells: The Final Episode

What does Cellach decide, to be a chief or a monk? Does Oona find a way home? Find out in the emotional conclusion of Kells: the Gospel of Columba.

It has been exactly a year since we began posting episodes. Thank you for taking this journey with us. And thanks to our remarkable readers: Jeff Broitman (Connachtach), Baird Brutscher (Cellach), and Linsey Summers (Oona).

Bonus Interview: Baird Brutscher

Actor Baird Brutscher, who voiced Cellach and the many characters with whom Cellach interacts, talks with author Amy Crider about his career and the process of creating this part of the novel. Starting next time, the final part of Kells: the Gospel of Columba. We expect the last episode to post on January 22, 2023.

A Miracle in Baghdad

Cellach and Dairach arrive at last at what seems the end of the world: Baghdad. Can the mighty Harun al Rachid, a king greater than Charlemagne, provide the lapis lazuli they’ve sought for so long? Cellach encounters one of his own fellow Scots in the greatest surprise of his life.