New Episode: Poet and Warrior

We’re back! Poet and Warrior is our most ambitious episode yet. At an hour and forty-five minutes, it is my longest play. We hope you’ll enjoy the sound design for a complete audio experience. Poet and Warrior is the story of thirty years in the lives of Irish poet William Butler Years and the revolutionary Maud Gonne. Starring: Jeff Broitman, Linsey Summers, Erin Caswell, Baird Brutscher, and Pete Blatchford.

Summer Comedies

We have a new episode of two comedy plays, starring Erin Caswell and Baird Brutscher. The first one, “Proofreading,” was third place for the James Stevenson Prize in 2019, and the second scene, “Crossing Over,” was included in the 2020 Ripped Festival at American Blues Theatre. The script will be available to read on their site through June 2020.

Hope you enjoy it!

We are also ending our Patreon campaign and taking down the link.

New Episode: Wells and Welles

Our newest audio drama is based on the real-life meeting between HG Wells and Orson Welles, in October of 1940. It was two years after the famous and infamous “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, when Orson Welles caused a nationwide panic of people thinking that Martians had invaded New Jersey. HG Wells had written his novel 50 years earlier. Still alive when the radio adaptation came out, he was none too pleased.