New Episode: Wells and Welles

Our newest audio drama is based on the real-life meeting between HG Wells and Orson Welles, in October of 1940. It was two years after the famous and infamous “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, when Orson Welles caused a nationwide panic of people thinking that Martians had invaded New Jersey. HG Wells had written his novel 50 years earlier. Still alive when the radio adaptation came out, he was none too pleased.

November Episode is Up!

For the close of Thanksgiving weekend we have some light comedies to give you cheer. “A Cup of Tea,” and “Pre-Existing Condition” are one-minute shorts, followed by “Klingon” and “A Review of Waiting for Godot for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.” Starring ensemble members Erin Caswell, Pete Blatchford, Linsey Summers, and Baird Brutscher.

Halloween Episode

We’ve posted our Halloween episode! We have 3 tales to haunt you. First: “The Five Lights,” starring Baird Brutscher. “The Five Lights” was originally written for a contest put on by the YouTube show “Ask HP Lovecraft,” for their fifth anniversary.

Then we have the monologue “The Witch” starring Linsey Summers, leading into “Agnes: a True Story,” inspired by Agnes Sampson, a suspected witch personally interviewed by King James VI of Scotland in 1590. “Agnes” stars Erin Caswell and Baird Brutscher.

So, curl up on this snowy Halloween night and enjoy some audio drama, and thanks for listening.

Here’s the link if you’re not on our RRS feed: