Lost in the Desert

Cellach and Dairac leave Rome. The goal of their journey is to obtain lapis lazuli to make the bright blue paint needed to use for the robes in a portrait of Holy Mary for the great Gospel. So they press on to go to the source beyond the sea and through the desert.

Part Three: the Journey to Aix

Cellach now has charge of old Dairic. They travel with Isaac the trade negociator and Liutgard to Aix, the seat of power of Karl, whom you know as Charlemagne, continuing on the quest for lapis lazuli. Cellach discovers the depth of Dairic’s trauma and the seriousness of his own responsibility.

Kells: Behind Scenes Bonus Interview Two

As Part Two is wrapped up, Oona is in danger, but she will be back in Part Four. As we transition to Part Three, we have a special interview with actor Linsey Summers talking about her acting career and experience reading the book. She talks about her dream role (hint: it’s related to a famous mouse) and journey from Ohio to Chicago via LA.